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Antimony (kohl)


Benefits and Usage

Ithmid is the black Khol stone. The best type is found in Asfahan (Iran) but is laso found in western areas.  The best type of black khol is that which fragments easily and has shiny morsels with a shiny interior not containing any impurities.

Kohl tends to be cold and dry and is beneficial to the eye by strengthening it and the eye nerve too. Kohl dissolves excess flesh around ulcers and closes the wound while cleaning the area around them.  Kohl also relieves headcahes when blended with pure watery honey (not thick). Ithmid is the best type of Kohl used for the eye, especially in old people with weak eyesight (in which case mix with some musk).

When ithmid is ground and mixed with tender fat and then used as a banadge over fire burns.  It prevents blisters from appearing and also helps cure the skin damage that occurs in cases of burns by fire.

Taken from 'Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet sallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam', page 251

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