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Citron (utrujj)

Benefits and Usage

There are four elemts in the citron: peel - heart - pith - seed. Each of these 4 elements  has its own tendency. The peels for instance, are hot and dry while the pupl is hot and wet.  The pith is cold and dry while its seed is hot and dry.

The peel of the citron has many benefits for instance when it is placed within the clothes it prevents moulding and the peel scent refreshes decaying and polluted air. The peels also improves the flavour of food and dissipate foul scents. Also when they are mixed with the food they help digestive process.

The pith of the peels benefit in cases of snake bites while the peels are used in bandages for snakebite.  The ashes of the peel are used as an effective ointment against leprosy.

The pulp of the citron soothes the heat of the stomach, helps those who suffer from bile and subdues hot vapors.  Eating the the citron pulp relieves hemarrhoids.  The extract of the pith relieves bile, soothes hot pulsation, controls bilious vomiting and when taken as a drink or a khol, relieves jaundice.  It is also a good appetite stimulant, constipates and helps in the cases of bilious diarrhea.The pith extract relieves skin spots when used as a lubricant and also cures herpes.  The pith also soothes and has a chilling effect. It cools the hotness of the liver, strengthens the stomach, eliminates bile and the accompanying depression and quenches thirst.

The seeds of the citron have a decomposing and drying effect. Ibn Maswah said "When the skin of the seed is removed and cooked and taken as a drink with warm water it helps against poison when one drinks as much as two measures, each around 25g.  When the seeds are ground and placed on a sting they also help.  The seeds also constipate and add good scent to the taste. Most of these benefits are also in the pulp."
It is also said that, "The seeds help against scorpion stings when two measures of it are taken with warm water, and is when it is ground and placed on the efefcetd area.  Its seeds help against all types of poisons and all venomous stings."

Taken from 'Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet sallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam', page 251-253

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