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Eggs (baydh)


Benefits and Usage

Fresh eggs are better than old eggs and the best kind of eggs is chicken eggs.  The eggs are mild but incline slightly towards being cold.

The author of the Qanoon said "The yolk is hot and wet and makes the blood sanitary, but is not nutritous.  It is also digested quickly when it is still soft."  Another person said, "Egg yolk releives the pain, polishes the throat and the trachea, helps the throat and relieves coughing and the ulcers of the lungs, liver and prostate.  It also eliminates coarseness, especially when blended with the grease of sweet almonds.  It also maturates and softens whatever is in the chest and softens the roughness of the throat."

When the albumen is used  as an eye drop, it cools the hot tumours in the eye and relieves the pain. When it is used as an ointment and placed on the face it prevents sunburn.  Also, when the albumen is used as an ointment and placed on the forehead, it helps in cases of dysentery.

The author of the Qanoon mentioned eggs in the medicines and remedies of the heart.  He also said "The yolk has a strong effectin strengthening the heart.  Egg yolk has three beneficial uses it turns into blood quickly, it does not produce extensive wastes, and the blod that it produces is light and similar to the blood that feeds the heart.  

Further the egg yolk is the most adequate substance against the diesases that affect the essence of the soul."

Taken from 'Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet sallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam', page 257

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